Democritus of Abdera - 400 B.C.

  • Born: in Abdera in about 460 BCE, or according to some, was born closer to 490 BCE.
  • Teacher: Leucippus - who also had an atomic theory, which Democritus later built upon.
  • Atomos = Greek word for "indivisible"
  • Democritus was the first to identify the possibility of an atom, which would be the smallest piece of matter
  • He theorized that atoms are inpenetrable and have a density proportionate to their volume
  • His theory states that atoms ate internal as is motion
  • The fundamental idea in Democritus's theory is that nature behaves like a machine, it is nothing more than a highly complex mechanism
  • Proved his theories with math
~Aristotle did not agree with Democritus's theories~